In Bodega Los Barrancos advanced wine making technology is available to allow vinification with as little interventions as possible. For instance, cold stabilization and clarification other than by gravity are not employed. In the centre of all our endeavours is the grape. Stringent cuttings throughout the vegetative cycle of the vines aim at a healthy and ripe crop.

Grape selection takes place in the vineyard during harvest. Fermentation is performed within temperature controlled steel-tanks. Thereafter the young wine is transferred to 300 or 225 litre barriques from various cooperages within which the malo-lactic fermentation is initiated. Subsequently the wine is left within the barrels, stirring up the yeasts from time to time to facilitate their autolysis. This procedure provides more fruit in the nose and more weight on the palate. The duration of the wine´s maturation within the barrels is dependent upon its sensorial development, usually around 12 to 16 months. Our aim is always the maximum expression of the “terroir” of the Sierra de la Contraviesa.
Traditional and modern techniques are united in our cellar.